About Us

Nerli Gruppen  

NerliGruppen  is a Norwegian company that supplies and installs sun shading systems as well as produces own developed products in Norway and to several other countries in Europe.

The group consists of two companies with headquarters in Oslo and production / development of products located in Poland.

We believe in development and expansion through innovation in products, machinery and equipment, but also through continuous dynamic development of our employees. Many years of knowledge that our experienced team uses is the basis for introducing improvements and constantly developing our product range. We listen to customers wishes and we have a commitment to being a “talking partner” with all our partners.

Everything taking
into account the diverse
needs of our customers
and the external conditions,
which our creations will
face for many years.

Our product range
includes roller blinds,
external venetian blinds,
awnings and roofing systems.

The Nerli company is a part of Norwegian group with over 30 years of experience in the sector of sun protection systems. This knowledge in hands of the experienced team of designers, is the basis of improvement and expansion of the Nerli System products. All including diversity expected by the customers and conditions that our products will face for many years.

We are successful in achieving this thanks to mature production processes, quality control mechanisms and employees who from the best quality components assembly all that proudly represents us at façades of private companies, public institutions and houses all over the world.

Quality and technology



ISO 9001 standard which we implemented reflects the level of production processes and a final product.


Implementation of the environmental management ISO 14001 is a guarantee that each of our technological processes on its way to a ready product is conducted in conformity with environmental protection standards.


Even the smallest detail is of significance to the Nerli System therefore we select only the best
components of reliable producers.